Iveco POWER 2016-Q2 Trucks EPC

IVECO Power 2016 Q2 TRUCKS EPC – electronic spare parts catalog This IVECO Power software is one of the easiest and most convenient to work on trucks.

There is a search by model, by VIN number, by VP number, by the original part number or its name. Comparison of two different modifications of one model. The last seven characters of the VIN are used to identify the vehicle.

The catalog works only in IE9 and below or in compatibility mode IE9 DVD1 – the catalog of Light commercial vehicles (Iveco Daily, Iveco EuroCargo) DVD2 – the catalog of Heavy commercial vehicles (Iveco Stralis, Iveco Trakker)

Mount the disk
Run cdi.exe. -> Yes -> Forward -> We are waiting ->
Here I change the installation directory to C: \ Auto \ Iveco -> Forward -> I agree -> I agree -> I agree -> We wait for a long time.
Forward -> I agree -> I agree -> I agree -> Long We wait -> Ok -> Bye.
Launch the installed Iveco. In the appeared window – in the upper right corner we change the port to 9090 -> Ok.
At the request of the firewall 2 times Allow access.

Download SQLyog Community Edition
Install – Select language -> OK -> Next ->
Set the point to I accept blablabla … -> Next -> Next -> Install -> Next -> Finish
When it starts – Select language -> OK -> Continue … -> New … -> Ok -> Connect ->
USE iveco;
UPDATE `dati_cd_pubblicati` SET DT_PUBBLICAZ = ‘2033-06-05 00:00:00’ WHERE 1;
UPDATE `utenti` SET` DT_TERMINE_ABIL` = ‘2033-06-05 00:00:00’, `LANGUAGE_CODE` = ‘3’ WHERE 1;
Press [Ctrl] + [F9]. Closing SQLyog Community Edition -> No -> Continue …
In principle, SQLyog Community Edition can now be removed.

Run the directory from the tray (where the clock). You may need to translate IE into IE9 compatibility mode.