Mercedes Starfinder 2016 WebETM

Mercedes Starfinder 2016 WebETM

Year of database 2016

Electroschemes in electronic form for Mercedes models delivered to the American market. Please read before you are buying. If you know how to install you can buy it and test it.

Requirements: Windows XP: 1.Autodesk Design Review (DWF Viewer) or Whip4 (for XP) 2.Internet Explorer 8 is not modified, without prohibitions and security. If it does not work, remove to IE6 and update to IE8 Windows 7: 1. Internet Explorer 9 2.Autodesk Design Review 3. Allow Activex IE10 and IE11 not supported by referrals.

So on the other Windows 8,8.1,10 works with IE 10,11 if you open the contents file from the folders .. \ 211 (or another model) \ webetm \ webetm \ 211 (or other model) \ web1100 \ pexxxxxxxx.html files starting on PE
Open with Internet Explorer do not forget. (This method does not work with 140,129)
For 140 and 129, you need to look at the number of schemes in the content lists and look in the Mailbox. \ 140 \ etm \ webetm \ 140 \ diagram \

See the screenshots below , opening in Windows 10 x64, IE11.

The problem with the 203 body, the group 07 of the mixture formation system is not displayed in the drop-down lists. Open from folder. Later I can correct their files to display